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It is the mundane experiences, day after day , that build our character and develop our personality. My body of work is a reflective process, capturing energy in transition from one experience to another. It is my personal belief that these veiled experiences are most profound.
My practice of constructing images examines the contemporary status of photographic images, the liminial possibility of introspection, and hideen structures in the meaning of the mundane.

At first sight, the architectural subjects represented by my photographs seem devoid of human presence but they relate to social sites where public and private moments often uncannily coexist. They become dynamic transformations in the viewers familiarities with limitless possibilities.

Over the years I have been greatly influenced by experiences of diversity and duality in concord of having to exist between them. Through geographic relocation, cultural disparities, religious incongruities, ethnic and gender divergence, philosophical extremes along with intellectual and spiritual aspiration, I’ve grappled paradoxes and learnt to celebrate the moments in between. My series of intimate public spaces with no physical human contact cornering you to a contemplative experience limiting us to observe, reflect and experience the basic realities.

My experiences have cultivated a need to search for the gap between reality and perception, A Constructed image created from recycled trash and found magazines.

Although people are figuratively absent, what remains are images which become models of the memory, experience, and contemplation of these moments. In a world saturated with manipulated or mediated images, my work re-evaluates the potential of the photographic medium. The images do not simply depict the world around her but actively participates in its construction.