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The cumulative effect of the ‘image’ in the world today is a sense of growing claustrophobia.

Fascinated by the myths on which reality is built, I began exploring generic landscape images popping up on our screens during a regular day. Holiday brochures sell us the dream of the deserted beach , we set about recreating that myth. With our cameras we edit out the other tourists, waiting for them to move out of the way so we can replicate the brochure image which inspired us to travel there in the first place. With our holiday snaps we create a kind of propaganda, contriving our own positive memories. I continued to ‘construct’ them.

As an artist I work with “constructed image” largely revolving around public spaces engaging the viewer to observe, reflect and experience the basic realities. Although people are figuratively absent, what remains are images which become models of the memory, experience, and contemplation of these moments. In a world saturated with manipulated or mediated images, my work re-evaluates the potential of the photographic medium.

“I think it’s the technology that I am trying to respond to, and trying to stay away from.”